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Would you like a custom written essay, dissertation /research paper?

At AcademicEssayWriting.co we’re confident that we have the best essay writers in the industry. (Most of our writers qualified with top degrees/grades from either Oxford or Cambridge University).

We specialize in writing and editing academic essays and dissertations. (Our sister company provides writers and editors for other types of writing and editing work -please see below).


The professional writers and researchers at www.AcademicEssayWriting.co write all sorts of documents (essays, dissertations, personal statements, application letters, CV’s, model exam answers, proposals, etc).

We work with all levels of students -from those at school to those studying BA’s, MA’s, PhD’s, MBA’s and other advanced qualifications. Our writers are experienced writing about all topics and subjects (we match writers with subjects that they have specialized in).

We offer our clients the most competitive rates that we possibly can for writers of such high calibre. We have done our research and can confidently claim that our writers are far more qualified, experienced and talented than most writers working for our competitors. We have spent a lot of time searching for, and recruiting, only the most gifted, reliable and highly-qualified writers and editors. As a result our writers have decades of academic essay writing experience and most of them studied at top-ranking universities (mainly Oxford University and Cambridge University –some from Harvard and Yale, etc). Most have PhD’s, MBAs and MA’s and many have studied English so their writing skills are exemplary.

We do not aim to be the cheapest service but rather the best when considering both quality and price. Our writers take pride in their work –as do we- and working with them is an investment in your career and future.

We function mainly via word of mouth recommendations and repeat customers and so we rarely advertise –(please see the testimonials section on our website).

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THE RISKS OF WORKING WITH LARGE COMPANIES who outsource hundreds of projects as cheaply as possible (to anyone)



Unlike other large essay-writing companies, we are a small, personal company and so your project will receive the attention that it deserves. Many companies outsource projects overseas as cheaply as they can and so these projects are often written by writers for whom english is not their first language. Such companies may have hundreds of writers on their books and there is a high chance that your essay will be written by someone who they have not worked with before. Consequently they have no way of knowing if that writer will plagiarize or simply fail to meet the deadline.

We however have worked with our writers before on numerous occasions, checked their qualifications and references and seen sample essays and dissertations that they have written. By working with us you eliminate the risk factor that you have when working with other companies.

Likewise our Oxford-educated Office Manager monitors all of the projects closely (usually on a daily basis). We only take on a maximum of around 5-12 projects at any one time (the exact number depends on the length of the projects). Other companies are often dealing with hundreds, or thousands, of projects at the same time. You and your project will therefore receive individual, careful attention and neither will not get ‘lost in the crowd’! 

Please note our professionally written sample essays and dissertations should only be used as examples to inform your own essay or research.


As most of our work is sourced via word of mouth
 and, as we already have a small, busy team, we rarely need to invest time in marketing. We care about our clients’ satisfaction and they regularly reward us for this by recommending us or becoming repeat customers. Consequently we do not need a significant advertising budget -as you can see, our website is simple and intended only to convey basic information.

We are not the cheapest writing service around and do not aim to be -we are however the best value when considering quality and price.




Ultimately you will want to consider the true cost and risk of working with an unscrupulous company who outsources work to anyone/the cheapest writers. Many companies claim to be based in the US or UK but operate from India and Pakistan. You need to ask yourself how much your degree and future is worth to you?

Also consider the cost of your current school, university/degree or MBA (the tuition costs, living costs, money you are loosing through not being employed instead, etc). It is likely that you, or one of your family, have invested thousands of pounds in giving you the opportunity to get a qualification -an opportunity that can easily be thrown away if you work with unqualified writers and receive a misleading, plagiarized, badly-written research paper.

Next consider the very real costs of achieving a lower grade and the butterfly effect that this can have upon your career and earning potential. A good grade can be the difference between getting or not getting your dream job -something which would impact not only your daily happiness but also your salary (and since money is freedom -much of the rest of your life and the choices available to you).

The difference between the two jobs can be thousands of pounds per year, let alone per decade.

Our clients know that what they are investing now is nothing compared to what is at stake.

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We specialize in writing and editing academic essays and dissertations however our sister company provides writers and editors who work on all sorts of other documents e.g. business documents, copywriting, presentations/speeches and articles. Our sister company also has creative writers who specialize in editing novels and writing scripts –please enquire for more information.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book. We look forward to working with you!

Email:     info@AcademicEssayWriting.co

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